Thursday, April 3, 2008

HELLO !!!!!

Welcome everyone to our new blog site....


Linda said...

Great Site ..... I love all your designs.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to enter Love A Golden Rescue in your drawing for collars and leashes for our foster dogs. We are a 501(c)(3) golden retriever rescue, focusing primarily on the metro St. Louis, MO area. Please visit our website Thanks!

p.s. your collars are great fun!

dsbowes said...

I would LOVE to put "Crossing Paths" in the hat for help. They are a new Animal Rescue set up in rural Alabama. They have their 501(c)3 status and you can check them out at

I wrote a long detailed note about how behind times Alabama is when it comes to Critters. One city councilmen even suggested that animal control could pay people upwards of $20.00 per stray animal that they brought in. Luckily that wasn't put into motion because everyone would have had to watch their own pets!

I praise folks who take care of critters and I volunteer when I can. I have medical issues, and I'm taking care of my 84 year old mother, my father went to watch over us this past July, or I'd spend more to volunteering. However, I do have five rescued critters myself so they keep me busy. Plus, we JUST added three kittens to the mix. All a doing great!

I bought two dog collars last month and I'm fixin to order three kitty collars today. I've been recommending your collars and leashes to family and friends.

Again, please consider donating to Crossing Paths. They are a new organization and are in need of EVERYTHING!

Thanks and I'm looking forward to getting our kitty collars!

Sally Bowes